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  • November 1, 2019

Any fashionista will confirm that the key to creating a successful image is the right combination of all the elements of the wardrobe. And in this matter there are no unimportant details. Any accessory or a modest trifle can turn into a spectacular accent in the hands of a woman.

Cufflinks Jewerly

This applies not only to clothes or shoes, but also to such important tools in the women’s arsenal as jewelry. At the same time, not only jewelry can favorably emphasize the excellent taste of the fair sex, but also countless varieties of stylish accessories will cope with this task.

One of such successful accents will be cufflinks for a shirt, blouse or sweatshirt. In the hands of an experienced craftsman, this small functional product that provides tissue fixation turns into a real piece of jewelry.

Cufflinks are decorated with pearls, mother of pearl or inserts from even more refined and exotic materials. For example, wood or volcanic minerals. They can be quite miniature, slightly noticeable, or they can become a kitsch element of the image, attracting everyone’s attention.

The most popular among fashionistas, of course, are cufflinks with crystals. These faceted jewelry sparkle in the sun, bizarrely refract light, cast colored highlights and look spectacular in almost any look.

Such accessories are combined with evening dresses for dinner at a restaurant or going to a nightclub, as well as light and laid-back looks for shopping, dating or meeting friends. A bright accent is guaranteed not to remain without the attention of others, and if the cufflinks are carefully selected, then everyone will certainly notice that their owner has a good taste.

Samples of such jewelry can be concise and represent a composition of a transparent crystal and metal. Cufflinks look advantageous in combination with a business outfit, without violating the working dress code, but at the same time leaving a place in working days for a fraction of this female charm and sophistication.

There are products with a whole scattering of colored stones, such cufflinks are worn by young girls to emphasize their spontaneity and creativity. The playful and youthful image will strengthen the silhouettes of animals and insects, often cufflinks with crystals are created in the form of butterflies, dragonflies and other small creatures. But the colorful and massive cufflinks with crystals, made in vintage style, will be a great addition to the retro image. Luxurious jewelry for the sleeves of a blouse will emphasize the aristocratic nature of their owner. Such accessories were popular at the beginning of the twentieth century and this fact can be used by successfully defeating ancient cufflinks.

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