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  • October 30, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to wear original jewelry. All kinds of chains on the waist, on the hair, unusual hair clips, bright earrings for piercing in the navel, nose or eyebrows and others. One of the most exotic summer accessories is a bracelet that is worn on the shoulder. They wear it approximately in the middle of the shoulder part of the arm, respectively, it is better to wear it with sundresses on thin straps or with T-shirts.

This jewelry came to us from Indian ethnic culture, although the ancient Greeks and Romans also wore similar bracelets (by the way, both women and men). Badju, as they are called by the Indians, is always worn at a wedding ceremony,  because according to local beliefs, this jewelry can protect from evil eye and damage, it is also a kind of talisman that drives away evil spirits.

Some kind of protection

Due to the fact that Indians attach such great importance to superstitions and consider all jewelry made of gold to be some kind of protection that connects them with the energy of the Universe, local girls wear bracelets for various festivals and in everyday life, although somewhat less often.

In our country, those who sympathize with ethno and boho style wear a bracelet on their shoulders. It is to such images with bright light outfits that decoration is best suited.

Badzhu can look like a solid hoop, or as an open ring. The second model is especially convenient in that it can be “fitted” to any size of hand.  There are also options in the form of a spiral (it can be a snake wrapping around a hand, a tree branch or just a patterned ornament).

The materials from which the badge is made can be both precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), and various jewelry alloys, leather, textiles, stones, beads, etc.

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