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  • July 31, 2019

When buying a ring you need to choose a product that will delight others and decorate you. As well as when choosing clothes or shoes, you should take into account your style, figure and compatibility of jewelry with other elements of the wardrobe. It’s easier to choose jewelry in the store, in which case you can try on it and see if it suits you, but the assortment in such boutiques is often insufficient, because you always want more. It’s a little harder to make the right choice online, but given some points, you will be able to make a great purchase and a bargain. So, for example, the BestGold online jewelry store regularly holds holiday promotions and seasonal sales, so you can buy rings, and other jewelry, for a surprisingly nice price!

Before you start searching ring

But back to the choice of rings. Before you start searching for the best 2 carat diamond ring for you, you need to consider the shape of your palm, the length of your fingers and other features of the hand. The goal is initially the same as when buying a new dress or trousers, that is, hide the flaws and point out the merits. To do this, determine:
– What is your palm (wide or elongated, chubby or bony)?
– what are your fingers (thin or round, long or short)?

Then follow a simple rule: wide visually expands wide, long and narrow – lengthens. Therefore, if you want to visually reduce the width of the palm, look for a suitable model of an elongated ring. Rings with an oval stone and jewelry with faceting of the Marquise style are ideal for those who want to visually lengthen their fingers and make them more elegant. Owners of puffy pens should not choose rings with a massive frame. If on the contrary it is necessary to make the finger a little wider than it is, a decoration with a round medium-sized stone, or with an insert in the form of a puffy pear, will suit you. Rings with a wide rim will look great, since the stone will be located above the finger and attract more attention.

In addition to your own preferences and fashion trends, also pay attention to the age of the woman who will wear the chosen jewelry. If you are under 25, you can afford to experiment with colorful jewelry. Any catchy, extraordinary decoration will make the overall look unique and original. After the age of 25, pay attention to jewelry that is restrained but not boring. Express your personality, even wearing a business suit. If you are over 30 years old, pick up your own rings with precious stones. This is the ideal age to afford luxury.

If you don’t like to choose jewelry that will harmonize with each other for a long time, you can buy a headset that includes a ring and earrings or a ring and a necklace, there are also options for a ring and a bracelet. In this case, the choice has already been made for you by the designer, it remains only to buy the kit, put it on and shine, attracting the enthusiastic looks of others.

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